I  completed the checkpoints and  summarized the data for my three focal children. I used the Teaching Strategies Gold to summarize all the data that I have observed, collected and entered in the system. I presented the summarized data to the parents of my focal children during the Parent-Teacher Conference (April 21st, 25th, and May 2nd).

Doing the checkpoints have really taught me how important data entry is for each child. Without enough data, it is hard to assign accurate and reliable levels for the progress of the children. When I was doing the checkpoints for each of my focal children, I realized that I did not have documentations for all of the 36 objectives that I needed to finalize. I entered more than 30 documentations in the TS Gold system, but it was not enough, so I was worried about finalizing the checkpoints for my focal children.

When I told my mentor about this, he told me that he was going to check it before the conferences in order to lessen my worries and for the data to be more accurate and reliable when I present it to the parents. And he also emphasized to me during our meeting the importance of having enough data entry for each child because with enough data, it is easier to see the progress or changes in the learning and development of the children and it will also help me plan and implement a more appropriate curriculum.

I thought I had enough data to assess my focal children, but I was wrong. Even if I had more than 30 documentations, it was still not enough to accurately assess each child’s progress. Aside from just taking notes of their activities, I had also been talking, playing, and engaging in activities with them. Based on the reading about assessing children’s development and learning, observing and talking with them and closely considering their work is key for teachers in their efforts to get to know each child and his or her abilities and needs (Copple & Bredekamp). I had done this, but I still had a hard time assigning levels on their progress. Because of of this, I felt disappointed of myself. I should have really focused more on observing them and took more anecdotal records.

In the future, in order to avoid this kind of problem on my part, I will try to use some kind of strategy to have more accurate and reliable data. One strategy I can use is printing out each of the objectives. If I have those objectives printed out, I will have the idea of what I am really trying to observe or see.


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