Curriculum Plan Week 2 PLUS Reflection

The theme of my second lead teaching week was “BIRDS.” The curriculum I implemented was based on the anecdotal records I collected and documented in TS Gold, children’s interests, and the level of their progress on certain domains of development. Some of the activities listed on the lesson plan were from the TS Gold activity section such as the Surprise Box and Tower Talk (Big Legos).

Second lead teaching Lesson Plan


REFLECTION on my second lead teaching (Journal 12)

What did you learn about yourself while playing the role of lead teacher?

My second lead teaching week went well; it was way better than my first lead teaching. Assuming the role of the lead teacher has taught me many important things when it comes to teaching.

First thing I learned is that, the more experience we gain, the more effective we become in teaching. When I had my first lead teaching, I experienced several personal challenges such as controlling the over-excitement of the children in the classroom most especially during circle time, keeping them engage after a project, and balancing my time in doing projects with the children, leading the classroom, and interacting with the parents. I worked hard to improve myself to prepare for my second lead teach, especially in the areas that I had a hard time. I was happy with my first lead teaching despite those challenges I experienced, but I am happier with the outcome of my second lead teaching because it was more successful. It was more successful because I was able to apply the improvements on my way of teaching; although my teaching was more effective, there are still things that I need to improve to be a more effective teacher.

Second thing I learned is that, being flexible is important to become an effective teacher. I had a lesson plan for both my lead teaching weeks, but to be honest, I did not 100% follow either one of my lesson plans. I made some adjustments and made some changes depending on the weather, the amount of time each project will take to be finished, and the children’s mood and interests. For example, on the lesson plan, we were supposed to go outside, but because it was raining, I had to think of an activity that will cover the outside time or that will cover the purpose of going outside, which is for physical activities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, or for science activities such as exploring the nature, or for the children to have a chance to play the activities of their choice. Also, being flexible is one of the important characteristics that professional should possessed, especially teachers (Green, 2013) because there will always things that can happen that may change our lesson plan.

Another lesson I learned is the importance of team-work. For a classroom to run effectively, it is important that teachers/staff in the classroom work cooperatively. If the teachers in the classroom are not on the same page, the classroom will be chaotic, and that will definitely affect the learning of the children in the classroom. As I mentioned on my 10th journal, I have learned from my previous experiences in early childhood education that in order for a classroom to be an effective place for young children to learn and develop, and for the parents/families to feel comfortable leaving their child in the classroom, it is important that staffs in the classroom have good relationships as co-workers or as teammates by cooperating and participating.

Lastly, I learned that getting feedback from someone who has more experience or who has been in the field of teaching is a great way to know the improvements I need. I am extremely grateful for all the feedback I got from Michael and my advisor. Without their feedback, my lead teaching weeks would not have been successful and my internship experience would not have been so much fun. Their feedback have helped me gain confidence and helped me get out of my comfort zone. Seriously, when I got back from winter break, I was very nervous about the whole thing because of things that we are expected to do like lead teaching; I was not able to sleep well because of it. Due to the mentor meetings and my advisor’s encouragement, I became more relaxed and comfortable. And because of the mentor meetings, I was aware of the things that I need to improve in my way of teaching.


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