Parent/Family Resource

Parent Resource

            For this internship, the parent resource that I chose to do is to compile information and tips on learning and parenting, transitioning in Kindergarten, and activities that parent (s) can do with their child at home.

Over the course of my internship, every Friday and after the meeting with my mentor, I would post tips about parenting, tips on how to teach a child on the different domains of development and learning, and information about approaches to learning. I also posted an activity every Friday. These resources were posted and can be found in our classroom, outside the classroom, and by the hallway of the center.I gathered these resources from several trusted online resources such as PBS Parents,,, and

To tell you the truth, I did not get any response from any of the parents. They might have seen and looked at it but I do not think it had great impact on them. It was my fault because I never really directed any parents about the available information and activities that I posted in the classroom and by the hallway, I just posted those resources and assumed that they would see and know what it was.

One thing I learned about creating and sharing this kind of resource/information with parents/families is that I should be more informative about the available resource or information in the classroom. In the future, if I create a resource similar to this, I should direct or inform the parents about this information by simply saying “we have information posted on the bulletin…” or “this activity is…” Or maybe instead of posting it, I should hang the information in their child’s cubby, in order for them to see it, take it home with them, and read it.

Last Friday, I compiled all the documents I had and put them on a plastic file folder. I labeled one section as “Information and Tips on Learning, Parenting, and Transitioning to Kindergarten” and the other section as “Activities.” My parent resource is a compilation of different documents; I am hoping that if my mentor decides to use it sometime in the future, it will not be confusing because I compiled the information and tips on learning, parenting, and transitioning in Kindergarten together.

Example of the activities:

Letter of the Day/Week

Home-Made lava lamp

Tooty Ta


Example of the tips/information

Approaches to Learning

Preschooler Listening Milestones

Parenting tips

Transitioning to Kindergarten


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