What does an excellent teacher means? According to Copple and Bredekamp, to be an excellent teacher means teaching to enhance development and learning. Being a teacher of young children is not easy. Early childhood educators have to use and to enhance different strategies and approaches in order to teach young children effectively. There are wide range of teaching strategies that teachers use such as:

  • teachers acknowledge what children do or say.
  • teachers encourage persistence and effort.
  • teacher give specific feedback.
  • teachers model attitudes, ways of approaching problems, and behavior toward others.
  • teachers demonstrate when they show the correct way to do something.
  • teachers create or add challenge so that a task goes a bit beyond what the children can already do.
  • teachers ask questions that provoke children’s thinking.
  • teachers give assistance to help children work on the edge of their current competence.
  • teachers provide information, directly giving children facts, verbal labels, and other information.
  • teachers give directions for children’s action or behavior.

Also, excellent teachers scaffold children’s learning, and make purposeful use of various learning formats.

Copple, C., & Bredekamp, S. (n.d). Developmentally appropriate practice.


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